Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Hegelian Dialectic

The Hegelian Dialectic

It has come to the point in world affairs that the liberty and freedoms of all people around the world hinge on their knowledge of history, or the lack thereof. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”
[1] and it is precisely this lack of knowledge that will prove to be the means by which the “elite” known as “The Illuminati”, will usher in the global Nazi-style “New World Order”, if things don’t change.

Back in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, I was in the United States Air Force, and held a Top Secret/Crypto/SSIR security clearance, and so I have a credible background from which to speak. Over 30 years after my honorable service to my country, I can speak out – and have – with a book titled “Land of Childhood’s Fears” about the Vietnam War. I am by no means a scholar when it comes to history; my “education” in this regard came many years later, when I was finally able to “get it off my chest” (so-to-speak) by writing a book. Almost as soon as I began writing it in 1997, the “powers that be” descended upon me, and I was persecuted with false allegations, and people I knew for DECADES were systematically brainwashed with manufactured “facts”, citing non-existent events and non-existent places in a concerted effort to silence me for good. After I had escaped their LIES – not unscathed, they tried to censor my Web site as well. Don’t ask me who “they” are; I have no idea – I only know that whoever was behind the propaganda and the brainwashing, did not want what I was writing to be read by the American people. I didn’t know that I had any knowledge that could be so damaging to the “establishment”; I didn’t know, because I was largely unaware that what was about to happen in America – what was in the planning stages at the time I started the book – was an Orwellian nightmare far beyond what I could imagine or write in any book – even if it was fictional. However, what I was writing in “Land of Childhood’s Fears”, was factual, and it draws a close parallel with the events unfolding today – with the war in Iraq, and with the motivations of those with the power to control what the American people think and believe.

The core mechanism, or the “device” (if you will) used to control the minds of Americans and indeed, the minds of a vast majority of people in the world, is a thing called “The Hegelian Dialectic” – otherwise known as “Problem / Reaction / Solution”.

At this point, I must strongly urge the reader to download the video “TerrorStorm” by Alex Jones, which can be found on my Web site at or on – I want to stress that this documentary will shock you, and after seeing it, your world view will change forever.

The Hegelian Dialectic is simply this:

You create a problem,
There is a reaction to the problem and demands that it be solved,
You appear on the scene with a solution to the problem.
You are a “hero” in the public eye.

The “terrorist” attacks of 9-11, and most of the other “acts of war” and “acts of terrorism” going back even before the days of John F. Kennedy, were all staged incidents – staged by our own government – that were designed to manipulate the support of the American people to enter a war, or to attack a sovereign nation, which in reality, had given us no provocation to do so. Iraq is the principal example here, and “TerrorStorm” does an excellent job of illustrating the mechanism.

Normal people cannot find it in their conscience to contemplate the cold-blooded murder of another human being. This is a fact, and it is true because murder without provocation – especially the murder of innocent children – is against human nature. God did not design us that way.
Yes, we are sinners; yes human beings are capable of terrible things, but for the most part, murder without cause or provocation is the exception, not the rule. A person commits murder when he is motivated by outside forces, and that is precisely why 9-11 and all of this “terrorism” happens. Most of it is staged by people who operate behind the veil of secret government agencies, and the motivation is simply power and money. I have full confidence that this is true because of my own personal experience in the military – it is the reason why I did not re-enlist, even though if you’d have asked me at the time, I could not have articulated the reasons why.

One government agency that uses the Hegelian Dialectic is the CIA. Their covert operations and “mind control” experiments are legion, and some, like MK-ULTRA are blown apart in articles on the Internet which are too numerous even to construct a “link list” for. Others, like the plot to stage the terrorist attacks on 9-11 are not so well known, but one would think that the American people could see through the bullshit by now.

An arsonist starts a fire. He then drives up in his SUV with a cargo bay full of fire extinguishers that he “just took to the store to have recharged”. He puts out his own fire, and is applauded as the “godsend” hero, who by fate, fortune, or Divine providence, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This is the Hegelian Dialectic in essence. It is the mechanism by which the bystanders witnessing the flames are fooled into believing that the criminal arsonist is the hero that saved the lives of the people who were trapped in the fire. 9-11 was such an event, and the arsonist/hero is none other than George H. W. Bush and his band of demons in human skins that occupy the White House, the Capital Building, the military, the CIA, FBI, DIA, and other government agencies. This is not to say that all of these agencies are corrupt, but NONE of them are authorized by the U.S. Constitution, and ALL of them are patently illegal. It is time to DISBAND THEM ALL, and it is time to return control of the U.S. Government to the people who pay for it. It is time to educate the world about what is REALLY going on, and when that is accomplished, the “solution” will be evident. It is time to bring INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMINALS to justice – and I don’t mean Osama bin Laden, who is merely the bogeyman Orwellian-style, that people around the world have been (mentally) conditioned to hate as the “evil bastard” responsible for 9-11.

The root of the Hegelian Dialectic is psychology. Psychology is not a science, it is a weapon. Knowing how people will react to a certain stimulus event enables the psycho-terrorist to plan such events, with foreknowledge of what the response will be. People fleeing from flames and falling debris, and those witnessing this on TV, become frightened, and (initially) will not respond with critical analysis. The reaction is anger, and a desire to be vindicated against the villains. In the case of these “false flag” operations, the “villains” are manufactured from innocent people, by the REAL villains who, behind the scenes, are sneering and laughing about how they pulled it off with complete impunity.

It is time to wake up, America!

Giving up your God-given Constitutional rights as Americans will not buy you an OUNCE of safety from terrorism. Indeed, keeping those rights – or attempting to – will bring more “terrorism” upon us. This is the “message between the lines” of George Bush:

“If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists”

As the American people resist the government propaganda, be prepared for ANOTHER 9-11…. And in the words of our Traitor in Chief, “… it could come in the form of a mushroom cloud”. I wouldn’t put it past him; I really wouldn’t. I am loathe to speak ill of the President – but I am morally bound to tell the truth. My “respect” for the OFFICE does not extend to the current (or former) occupants of that office. My allegiance is to the PEOPLE of the United States – not to an “idea”, a “flag”, or to any person within the government. Above all, I tell the truth – and I am seldom mistaken when I do so, because I check my sources and their possible motivations very thoroughly.

There is no doubt that the government – or some persons within the government – would like to silence people like Alex Jones of, Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty, and myself. Killing us, or staging “accidents” is not beneath them. They did it to William Cooper[2]; they can do it to us. If it happens, Se la Vie’ – and you’ll know what you must do. We have nothing to gain by doing what we do, except making ourselves targets of a ruthless band of murderous bastards who have murdered MILLIONS of innocent people – either directly or indirectly. Perhaps in the process, we can wake people up before they wake up with a slave collar around their necks. All we ask is that you listen, read, and watch with an open mind. Don’t be fooled into giving up ANY of your rights and freedoms in exchange for a false sense of security. A good friend of mine, a refugee from hurricane Katrina said to me recently, “…. These people can’t snatch a nigga’ off a roof with a helicopter, and they want me to trust them with protecting me and my kids from terrorism? Give me my .357 L-frame, and I’ll protect me from terrorism. The only way they’ll get me is if the bomb hits me on the head…. and then I’ll go to my reward in peace… but not ‘till then”.

Right on, my friend!

WebPastor Dave Todeschini

[1] Hosea 4:6a KJV
[2] William Cooper – A radio talk show host – author of the best-seller “Behold A Pale Horse” – who was murdered by a police SWAT team in his apartment, shortly after he made allegations that Timothy McVeigh was not REALLY executed, and his death by lethal injection was a staged event designed to make the American people believe that a “terrorist” was brought to justice.